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Safe Cosmetic And Beauty Injections Are More Affordable Than Ever Before

Julie demonstrates the cosmetic injections choices

Cosmetic Injectables

PURE Health, Image and Lifestyle Center assures its clients that they are treated by professional, world class Cosmetic Injection specialists. Julie Acarregui, our Medical Director, has been trained under and worked with many renowned experts. They possess an experience of more than 18 years together.

Julie often travels straight to Beverly Hills to offer her assistance in teaching at the American Association of Aesthetics Medicine and Surgery. It specializes in the art of aesthetics as well as non-invasive cosmetic surgery that includes the use of BOTOX Cosmetics and Fillers. Julie offers training to many other physicians to offer the procedures she offers her clients.

The artistic skills of these experts are expressed by the outstanding results achieved in restoring the youth of face and creating the perfect balance of beauty. Both, Julie and Heather, handle clients travelling nationally and internationally for aesthetic treatments.

One can, with cosmetic injectable medicine, reduce facial and neck lines and wrinkles, add volume, produce angles and diminish the effects of time on the skin. As an intelligent alternative to complementary procedure or cosmetic surgery to help you be your best version, know more about the choices you have and identify what can work the best for you.

It is possible to reduce facial lines and wrinkles with cosmetic injections into the skin. The major types of injectable substances in common use include botulinum toxin type A and the dermal fillers. In order to treat deeper lines, the cosmetic injection specialist can employ both these injectables for best results.




Cosmetic Injections

Aesthetic Consultation
We consider the skin and whole body consultation and evaluation as the first step towards achieving your set goals. We give our clients a complimentary session of one hour with a skincare professional who examines you to assess your requirements and inform you about all the advanced aesthetic technologies we incorporate to get you the look you always wanted.

Cosmetic Injections
Reduce facial and neck wrinkles and lines, Add volume, create angles and turn back the hands of time with injectable cosmetic medicine. As a smart alternative to cosmetic surgery or complementary procedure to help you look your best, learn more about your choices to figure out what might work best for you.


Botox is today the no. 1 product for cosmetic treatment in the United States. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it works really well and that it works for almost everyone. Moreover, Botox is absolutely safe and effective without any down time and it works to reduce both wrinkles and fine lines. In addition to this main purpose, it can serve additional applications like adding arch to eyebrows, giving corners of mouth lift and easing lines around the mouth. Botox is being used safely for more than 25 years. It also proves beneficial in treatment of medical conditions like TMJ, cervical dystonia and other types of neuromuscular disorders.


Dysport is a prescription drug used as an injection to improve temporarily the look of your frown lines, whether moderate or severe, without modifying the appearance of your entire face. All the untreated muscles of the face work normally to allow you show your facial expressions like smiling. Here we present some useful information to let you know more about how Dysport works and what things to understand before going for a treatment.